Veteran Musician’s Roots-Gospel Album “Taproot” To Benefit Inner-City Youth Groups

The boys in the Crooked Smile Band ain’t no spring chickens. With ages in the five-piece, fourteen-year old Americana group ranging from 41 to 62, these guys have definitely been around the block. “We’ve all been playing most of our lives and come from very diverse musical backgrounds. It keeps things interesting because we all bring a different slant to the compositions,” says David Dyer, principal songwriter and founder of the group. “Yet one thing we have in common is a deep love for making music.”

Gratitude and praise are elemental components of the group’s latest record, a collection of rootsy-gospel tunes titled, “Taproot.” It all began in the fall of 2007 when Bernie (Petteway, the band’s lead guitarist and son of the late Methodist Minister Warren Petteway), invited David to attend a bible-study in which he was involved. “At least part of why I went was because Bernie is a fabulous guitarist and at the time was only playing with us now and then. I thought this might be a good way to endear myself to him and get him in the band full-time. Five years of bible-study later, I guess it’s safe to say God had a bit more in mind.”

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